Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here Kitty kitty kitty

Titan loves his kitty "snowball". He chases him around all day long.... Surprisingly enough the cat seems to like all of Titans attention? He will pull gobs of hair out and climb right on top of him!!! And our cat has been known to bite a time or two!! It got pretty gross when I noticed the baby had hair balls all over his face sticking to his drool....

P.s " How do I flip the pictures around? also I can never get the right lay out?"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Face Book

So I'm thinking that i enjoy Face Booking alot better than blogging...It's fast, easy and straight to the point! I get stressed when I Blog. I feel like "oh I better have something good to tell about, or it's really going to suck". Then I forget to blog the stuff that actually does happen in my crazy life. Then I feel it's to late! Like I should of already blogged about christmas.....Someone please tell me the secret to blogging? It kind of reminds me of how far behind I am on scrap booking (which is pretty far behing because I have never started!) And where is the camera when you really need it? I don't know.. I guess I just want to be a good blogger!!!!!! Should I just write about stuff that happens everyday or what? I have to admit I love reading other people's blogs though : )
I think that F.B pretty much rocks!!! And blogging I just don't know?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mom I'm really stuck !!

So River though it would be funny to put his foot in his piggy bank ( which is an over sized canning jar). He comes down the stairs and says "Hey mom look at my foot it's stuck " "Ha ha".
I completely ignore him, and tell him to quit trying to walk with it around the house especially on the tile. (It is solid glass).
So I leave to go pick up Micaela from school. We walk in the door and River is laying sprawled out on the floor with his foot still in the jar....I get mad because I told him to take it off so he could get his homework done. He proceeds to tell me "mom it's really stuck and it's starting hurt". I'm like what ever if you got in you can get it out!
So I decided I would pull it off myself. Not such a good idea : ( He starts screaming right after we both hear a pop in his ankle....kinda gross! so I'm like lets get some butter and smear it all over your ankle so it will slide out better. Not such a good idea either. River starts running up the stairs stripping on every step. Yelling at me to stop!!! So the only thing left to do is break the damn thing off. So I told him I'm going to get the hammer out of the garage. Through this whole event Micaela and her friend Dania are laughing and making fun of him. Which doesn't go over well with him so he tries attacking her.
Mean while I'm looking for the hammer Micaela proceeds to tell him "your going to die, because when mom breaks the jar all the glass is going to cut up your leg so bad you'll bleed to death!" I get to his room and River is hysterically screaming " I'm going to die, I'm going to die" Needless to say He didn't die or loose a drop of blood.
He might have a slight phobia tight small places though. Hee Heee

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas....Twlight Fans

This is so funny you will die laughing... Let me know what you think??


Sunday, December 14, 2008

What is up with going private?

So I finally start a blog so I can share things with my friends and family. And reconnect with people I haven't seen or talked to in forever...
And what happens..... "This blog is open to invited readers only".
So where does that leave me?? How am I suppose check up on everyone when I"m not even allowed to see your blog. Then if you find someone you want to actually get in touch with I can't. No Fun !! And who wants to track them down and ask "please can I be invited to your blog?" I watched the news report on ksl and yes I can understand the concern. But Please what is the point of blogging if know one can read it???

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blogging ???

I totally fell under peer pressure so here I am. (I'll probably become addicted now). I don't really know what i'm doing on this whole blogging concept. So ya here is my first post. If anyone would like to volunteer any of their time to show me how to make my blog cute and fun. Please let me know.
This is my Micaela on 80's day at school. It's a little to familiar...